Thursday, December 15, 2016

2017 lamborghini Centenario Price and Review

born to mark the day so Ferrucio Lamborghini to-100, the latest Italian LamborghiniBull retainer Centenario dismantle its original form before the visitors performanceakbar 2016 Geneva Motor Show recently.

Once the hook the public concern of Geneva, not just anyone can be married to the latest car Lambo. In addition created exclusively with only 40 units will be produced, he is fantastic priced dibanderol penetrate figure of US $1.9 million

Given the light body-gloss carbon fiber, carbon fiber monocoque chassis owned Aventador SV, inimitable design beyond complex hosts up to nan V12-powered hp 770, either side of aerodynamics as well as performance of Centenario will no doubt his prowess.

With the engine racing, Lamborghini Centenario only took 1.7 seconds to reach 100 km/h speed from zero point. While the top speed that is able to penetrate the numbers claimed he has reached 350 km/h

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